CertBond // COST Action CA18120 // Reliable roadmap for certification of bonded primary structures
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Working Groups

Working Groups of the CertBond Action

In CertBond Cost Action, we aim to achieve our goals by collaboration within and across Six Working Groups:
This WG aims to align and cross-correlate the research and development programs of the members to come to REACH-compliant adhesive materials and interfacial bonding designs. This WG will gather experts in the field of material science, chemistry and interface bonding. The objective of this WG is to define material synthesization procedures and surface treatment procedures that fulfil REACH regulations.
This WG will coordinate research related to the design of adhesively bonded composite structures taking into account geometrical configurations, new design features, fatigue and impact loading, creep phenomena, damage tolerance, imperfect bonding and environmental effects. Although a considerable amount of work has been already performed by researchers who developed several design algorithms, there is no generally accepted model yet.
This WG will align each member’s efforts on establishing an optimal and robust manufacturing process for composite bonded structures. The objectives are to identify key manufacturing parameters and to implement a quality control strategy using destructive and non-destructive testing methods during the process.
This WG will coordinate research related to the in-service life monitoring of bonded structures, including bonded repairs. This WG will gather experts from the field of non-destructive testing (NDT) and structural health monitoring (SHM). The WG objective is to assist the development of a holistic approach that incorporates diagnostic and prognostic tools for the structural integrity and the remaining useful life of the structure, respectively.
This WG will be concerned with the research related to the joint disassembly procedure for repair and re-use purposes. The objective is to identify and propose a technology that efficiently disassembles bonded parts without damaging them. This technology will be introduced in the case of flaws detection in the manufacturing phase, in case of damage that can be repaired in the in-service phase and in order to re-use parts in the end-life of the product.
This WG will focus on the certification process of bonded primary aircraft structures. Stakeholders will guide the efforts and together with the rest of the MC and WG leaders will determine the steps towards obtaining the certification. The objective of this WG is to ensure the collaboration between the WG1-5 and integrate their outcomes so as to facilitate the certification process.