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Category: Workshops/Conference

CERTBOND Final Conference

Date: 6, 7 & 8 September 2023
Venue: Seville, Spain

The Certbond final conference took place in Seville, aiming at summarizing our past activities and providing a glimpse into the future of our network, Post-Certbond in a nice friendly atmosphere.

Please see further information (practical information and technical programme) in the book.

CERTBOND session @ 20th European Conference on Composite Materials - ECCM20

CERTBOND session @ 20th European Conference on Composite Materials – ECCM20

Date: 26-30 June 2022

Venue: Lausanne, Switzerland

Website: www.eccm20.org

Papers to be presented @ CERTBOND sessions

  • Mode‐I fracture toughness of interlayered epoxy adhesives, by Vadugappatty Srinivasan Dharun, Vassilopoulos Anastasios P.
  • Friction stir welding of ultrasonically consolidated laminated metal composites with aluminum sheets, by Acar Doğan, Klobčar Damjan, Trdan Uroš, Cora Ömer Necati
  • Selective interlaminar delamination process in CFRP by laser shock, by Ayad Mohammad, Scius‐Bertrand Marine, Michel Charlotte, Berthe Laurent
  • Damage monitoring of composite bonded joints using the electrical method: modelling and experiments, by Carraro Paolo Andrea, Panozzo Francesco, Pontefisso Alessandro, Quaresimin Marino, Zappalorto Michele
  • Durability of CFRP‐concrete bond in EBR and NSM systems under natural ageing for a period of three years, by Dushimimana Aloys, Correia Luís , Cruz Ricardo, Miguel Pereira João, Sena‐Cruz José
  • Laser Shock for NDT of composites materials and bonded joints: recent advances, by Cuvillier Nicolas, Ducousso Mathieu, Cuenca Edouardo, Scius‐Bertrand Marine, Bergara Tomas, Videau Laurent , Berthe Laurent, Coulovrat François
  • Physical and mechanical characterization of polyurethane foam core of sandwich panels of various densities, by Benzo Pier Giovanni, L. Gontijo Guilherme, Abreu Filho Marco A., Dushimimana Aloys, Oliveira Sandra Cristina, Z. Denchev Zlatan, Pereira João Miguel, Sena‐Cruz José
  • Experimental and analytical analysis of point fixed tempered laminated glass panels, by Mesquita Afonso, Jordão Sandra, Inca Eliana
  • Enhancement of mode I fracture toughness of adhesively bonded secondary joints using different layup patterning of CFRP, by de Araujo Alves Lima Rosemere, Oswal Akshit, Roux Nicolas, Bernasconi Andrea, Carboni Michele, Carrere Nicolas, Teixeira de Freitas Sofia
  • Numerical analysis of bolted point fixed laminated glass panels subjected to seismic loads, by Inca Eliana, Jordão Sandra, Bedon Chiara, Mesquita Afonso, Rebelo Carlos
  • Fracture toughness of elastically coupled laminates: evaluation of analytical solutions through digital image correlation, by Tsokanas Panayiotis, Loutas Theodoros, Vassilopoulos Anastasios P.
  • Influence of temperature and different post curing conditions on the mechanical behaviour of polyurethane‐based adhesive for Civil Engineering Applications, by Abreu Filho Marco A., L. Gontijo Guilherme, Benzo Pier Giovanni, Dushimimana Aloys, Oliveira Sandra Cristina, Z. Denchev Zlatan, Pereira João Miguel, Sena‐Cruz José
  • The durability of adhesively joints in space structure during interplanetary exploration, by Charpentier Gabin, Lafont Ugo, Teixeira de Freitas Sofia
  • Wide single lap shear samples for examination of environmental effects of bonded repairs, by Peikert Gregor, Ravic Jelena, Henzi Michael, Böhler Partick, Gubser Marc
  • Promoting extrinsic bridging of adhesively‐bonded CFRP joints through the adhesive layer architecture, by Tao Ran, Lubineau Gilles, Teixeira de Freitas Sofia
  • Towards the development of a laser shock‐based disassembly process for adhesively bonded Ti/CFRP structural parts: Experiments and numerical simulation, by Kormpos Panagiotis, Unali Selen, Ayad Mohammad, Berthe Laurent , Tserpes Konstantinos
Certbond Workshop – Working Group WG5: Disassembling

Date: 31st March, 2021
Format: Webinar