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Category: Training Schools

2nd CERTBOND Training School

The second Certbond Training School took place at the University of Minho, Guimarães, Portugal, from 17 to 19 October 2022.

Relevant information

Winner of the Best Presentation Award

Luca M. Martulli for the presentation entitled “A highly efficient use of the VCCT to simulate fatigue crack propagation in bonded joints”.

Winner of the Best R&D Proposal Award

Monica Loureiro, Vera Obradović, Oguzcan Inal, Charline van Innis, Anđelo Valčić for the proposal entitled “Development of sustainable composite joints fit for future transportation requirements (FIT-joint)”.
1st CERTBOND Training School
The first Certbond Training School took place University of Trieste, Trieste, Italy, from 20 to 22 September 2021.

Relevant information

Workshop of Certbond Trainees – Poster Session

Nondestructive analysis of debonding in a honeycomb composite sandwich panel Kaleeswaran


A lightweight floor system based on sandwich panel 

PolandPier Giovanni BENZO, Portugal

Structural glass facades subjected to seismic loading

Afonso MESQUITA, Portugal

Vitroceramic coatings bonded to metallic implants for dental and orthopaedic applications

Cristina BUSUIOC, Romania

Post-tensioned glass beams with adhesively bonded tendons

Jagoda CUPAC, Germany

Application of laser shock peening on high elastic limit steels for power transmission components

Maxime GUERBOIS, France

Development of structural connection joints for adhesively bonded glass–plastic-composite panels

Julian HÄNIG, Germany

Interleaving thermoplastic non-woven veils to enhance the structural behaviour of co-cured composite joints

Oğuzcan İNAL, UK

Finite element analysis of point fixed laminated glass panels under distributed load: A comparison between mechanical and bonded fixing solution

Eliana INCA, Portugal

Adhesive selection for the realization of a bonded edge seal for fluid filled IGU’S

Alina JOACHIM, Germany

A parametric study of friction riveting on the disimilar joint formation and strength

Damjan KLOBČAR, Slovenia

On the improvement of adhesion between glass and polymeric materials

Gregorio MARIGGIÒ, Italy

Effects of temperature and peel-rate on fracture energy in the peeling process of a commercial safety film by considering a variable peel-angle q

Silvana MATTEI, Italy

Propagation simulation of multiple cracks in adhesively bonded composite joints

Lukas MÜNCH, Germany

In search of the holy grail of adhesives for cast glass structures: two contradictory case studies, the crystal houses façade in Amsterdam and a small glass pavilion in Greenland

Faidra OIKONOMOPOULOU, The Netherlands

Numerical simulation of laser shock paint stripping on aircraft aluminum substrates


Influence of elevated temperature on glued-in steel rods for CLT element

Nikola PERKOVIĆ, Croatia

Epoxy-PVB composite binder reinforced with nanostructures of WS2

Danica BAJIĆ, Servia

Data fusion based damage study using electromechanical impedance method

Shishir KUMAR SINGH, Poland

Adhesion capability of eco-epoxy adhesives synthesized by the addition of modified tannic acid

Nataša Z. TOMIĆ, Serbia

Dynamical mechanical analysis and fracture toughness of carbon reinforced epoxy composites

UrošTRDAN, Slovenia

Adhesion tests and laser stripping process of paint using shock waves: application to aeronautical parts in al alloys and CFRP

Selen UNALDI, France

The application of adhesives for connecting structural glass strips to existing timber joists

Žiga UNUK, Slovenia

Structural performance of embedded liquid-laminated glass connections


Tests of the embedded laminated connection for glass structures

Michaela ZDRAŽILOVÁ, Czech Republic

Mechanical properties of glass-metal adhesive connection under elevated temperature

Markéta ZIKMUNDOVÁ, Czech Republic

Winner of the Best Poster

In search of the holy grail of adhesives for cast glass structures: two contradictory case studies, the crystal houses façade in Amsterdam and a small glass pavilion in Greenland
Faidra OIKONOMOPOULOU, The Netherlands.